Malta Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship Malta
Malta Dual Citizenship

The Maltese Citizenship Act allows dual citizenship to all Maltese citizens without any distinction. Dual citizenship arises when a person holds two or more citizenships simultaneously.

Citizenship is a matter for each sovereign state

Every country is sovereign in enacting the laws regulating citizenship and the conditions under which a person is granted, renounces or loses citizenship are strictly within the discretion of every state.

Dual Citizenship

Persons holding Dual Citizenship can exercise the rights granted to them by all the countries of their nationality. Citizens seeking to obtain dual citizenship are required to show that there is some form of connection with the country issuing the citizenship.

In recent years, several countries are more open to allowing their citizens to hold Dual Citizenship by relaxing the requirements for naturalisation or simply by allowing or recognising Dual/Multiple Citizenship without the need to give up their original nationality.

Dual Citizenship is allowed in Malta Law according to Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates' latest Dual Citizenship Report.

Are persons naturalised as Maltese citizens entitled to dual citizenship?

The Maltese Citizenship Act grants the grant to dual citizenship to all Maltese citizens without any distinction. However, a Maltese citizen may only hold the citizenship of another state where the law of such state also provides there for.
In virtue of European Union (EU) law, every Maltese citizen is also a European citizen.

Malta Dual Citizenship