British Expats in the EU after Brexit

British Expats in the EU after Brexit

BBC Brexit Interview in Malta

On the 24th June 2016, a majority of British citizens voted for Brexit, i.e. to leave the European Union. Britain's decision to exit the EU has several consequences both on UK expats living in Malta.

BBC European Politics Editor speaks to our Managing Partner Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti on the effects of Brexit on British Expats in Malta. (fast-forward to 2.55 in the recording)
UK Citizens living in Malta

According to statistical data there are approximately 12,000 UK citizens living in Malta. When compared to the percentage of the Maltese population, it means that Malta has one of the largest British communities in the EU.

British expats in Malta are often living in EU Malta under one of Malta's residency programmes: The Ordinary Residence Programme, The Malta Residence Programme or the Malta Retirement Programme. British expats however can put their mind at rest that they will not be deported as those expats who have made use of their rights prior to the date when the UK-EU exit agreement is finalised, benefit from the notion of acquired rights covered by the Vienna Convention of 1969. Thus, the loss of EU citizenship may see some of the benfits which British expats enjoy diminished , such as the right to vote in European Parliament elections, but in all else they are unlikely to lose much, certainly not to the extent of being forced to leave Malta.