Malta Individual Investor Program experience

Malta Individual Investor Programme

Q: You've handled a vast majority of the first passports issued. What nationalities have been applying under the Malta Individual Investor Program?
As of May 2015, the total number stood at around 600, with applications coming from Russia and the CIS, the Middle East, Asia, some European, and from Africa.
Quota 1800 originally recommended but probably extended beyond that.
Q. From your experience of the first year of the Malta Individual Investor Program, why are people applying?
Applicants appreciate the Stability of the country's administration, the rule of law, an efficient legal & tax system, and the approachability of the government to investors and businesses contributing to the economy.
Malta is a safe, stable and peaceful island… very European in lifestyle… but with a Mediterranean quality of life!
The due diligence process is efficient but serious - this gives comfort to eligible investors that they are joining a club of reputable families chosen for their integrity, upstanding reputation and entrepreneurship.
Q. What kind of applicants are you seeing participate in the Malta Individual Investor Program?
By far the most typical profile is entrepreneurial. Our clients have gone beyond the bare minimum investment and have invested in a variety of projects and businesses , including technology, hospitality, education and financial services.