Malta & Cyprus Citizenship Programmes head to head

The Mediterranean islands of Cyprus and Malta have registered over 400 and 700 applicants under their Citizenship by Investment programmes.

The numbers are telling as it seems European Island passports are in demand.  Both citizenship by investment programmes pitch to ultra-high net worth individuals. The Malta Citizenship by Investment, or the Malta Individual Investor Programmerequires a mixed contribution-investment ranging from €880k to €1.1m.  By contrast, the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme has an entry level of €5m, reduced to €2.5m for members of investor groups

Comparing the two programmes, advisors in the know have jumped to conclusions and have been quick to favour one over the other. I quite disagree that there is a straight winner or that this is a race. My more restrained opinion is that no one size fits all and each programme has its merits, addressing different aspirations of different investor profiles.

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Malta Cyprus Citizenship Programmes head to head
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  1. Malta allows dual citizenship & multiple citizenship since the year 2000 when amendments were made to the Maltese Citizenship Act.
    #MaltaCitizenship Factsheet:


  2. Main pull-factors for Malta Citizenship by Investment program:
    - Safety and security
    - Stable Politics
    - English is a main, official language
    - Growing European Economy
    - Tax efficiency
    - Retirement destination
    - High in visa-free destinations
    - High level of Education


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