Malta Citizenship: Has the dust settled?

Since the European Commission's approval last February, citizenship law specialist Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates have handled the first applications for Citizenship by Investment in Malta after the law firm's approval to accredited status with Identity Malta Licence 001. 
As spokesperson for the Maltese law firm commented: 
Identity Malta has been very supportive in our first applications and have demonstrated the seriousness and professionalism that was promised by our Government in their dealings with us as Accredited Persons as well as our esteemed clients who ventured to be the first candidates for Malta's Individual Investor Programme.
Chetcuti Cauchi added that those long-standing clients of the law firm had enjoyed Maltese residence status for a number of years and were longstanding investors in businesses in Malta.  The investors will be proud citizens of Malta within 6 months of their application, given that they have fully satisfied all the onerous requirements of the MIIP including residence in Malta. For those who have invested significantly in Malta over the years, moving their centre of life to Malta, family and all, and who have created jobs and contributed to a better Malta, the Maltese passport is an important recognition of their commitment to Malta.

Alongside the Malta Global Residence Programme, the Maltese Citizenship by Investment Programme promises to be another success, joining the portfolio of successes that Malta has under its belt in building what is a vibrant, sound and agile financial services centre, that is disproportionate to Malta's small size.

Malta Citizenship.
Malta Citizenship