Malta Citizenship Programme endorsed by EU

While citizenship remains a matter of national competence of individual member states of the European Union, Malta has today secured Europe’s blessing of the Malta Citizenship Scheme.  The Individual Investor Programme is expected to attract significant investment to Malta through the grant of citizenship to applicants on the basis of their proven good standing, an investment in Malta and a contribution to the National Social and Development Fund of Malta.

Malta-EU agreement on Maltese Citizenship Programme

After a series of negotiations carried out today, Malta and the European Commission have reached an agreement on the Individual Investor Programme, Malta’s citizenship by investment programme.  The European Commission’s endorsement of the revised citizenship programme has been welcomed by the Maltese Government and Opposition and various stakeholders.  The Head of the European Commission, Vivienne Reding who had voiced its concern over the original scheme has welcomed this breakthrough, stating that the European Commission is committed to ensure that member states with similar programmes to Malta’s adhere to the necessary requirements.

12 Month Malta Residency Requirement

The feature that has secured the European Commission’s approval is the minimum residency requirement of 12 months, after which citizenship would be granted to the applicant. This minimum residency requirement commences on date of property purchase or rental by the citizenship candidate.  This does not mean that an applicant needs to spend 365 days.  In fact, the factual basis of residence under Maltese law is 183 days. This or other evidence of an intention to reside for that particular year are sufficient to satisfy this requirement.

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